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Another feature from Louise you help you with your blog!  Have a tip you want to share?  Email me at byutatortot@gmail.com!

Provide regular content

One of the key requirements for any blog is to provide regular content. If you post erratically or leave long gaps between posts, then expect people to forget that you exist, delete you from their feeds and have no personal attachment to you or your blog. If you want your blog to be welcoming and active, you need to keep people inspired and interested by providing varied, regular content.

For most blogs, I’d say you should aim to publish 3 times a week or more. If your blog is in a very small niche, it may not be possible to do this, so aim for maybe one post a week or month…whatever you choose, be consistent so that your readers know when to expect the next post. If you are struggling to think of post content then you could try following some of these hints:

1. Create a few themes so that you don't need to think what to post about. For example, I have Tutorial Tuesday and Freebie Friday as well as Blogger Uncovered and Portfolio Post. I just have one request though…think of your own theme names, there's nothing more annoying than finding every blog of the same theme has the same posts with the same names. I get this a lot with my Portfolio Post feature...don't be that blogger!

2. Make a posting schedule in advance, I write mine a month in advance. I add all my themes to it and then fill in the gaps with updates and other interesting stuff.

3. Ask your readers what features and posts they would like to see - that way you can always be sure your content is applicable to your readers

4. If you're going to be away for a while tell people

What kind of themes or memes do you have on your blog? Do you write a posting schedule or do something different?

I hope you found this feature useful, if you have any questions or comments, then leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer it :)
About Louise: I am 35 years old, married and live in the UK. I am a blog designer with over 20 years experience producing digital graphics and over 10 years writing on blogs. My main blog is my blog design blog, Adori Graphics, where I sell custom blog makeovers and premade blog templates as well as  posting tutorials and blog freebies. I consider myself an "ethical blogger" and believe that everyone should give something back to the blogging community, which is why I write guest blogger articles, offer sponsorships to blogger conferences, sponsor giveaways and run a free blog makeover program called Write From The Heart.

Thanks Louise!  Be sure to head over to her blog!

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Adori Graphics said...

I hope your readers are enjoying the new feature :)

Just wanted to point out a weird formallting issue at the bottom of your paste....think it just needs the text from above moving into your blockquote :)

Bye for now xxx

Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks Louise,

I honestly don't know what has happened with the formatting... probably a user error. lol My fault.

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