This past week a few new followers have arrived!  I would like to welcome everyone to my blog!  I am glad you have found my blog and have even began to follow.  Let me take care of some business...

Have you heard of our challenge for you guys?  We want 50 followers!  (We are at 38 only 12 more to go!).  But here is the catch.  When 50 followers come 25 freebies will come your way!  Yea, that's right!  25.  So lets make an effort to get the followers.  I am also going to reward those who put one of my buttons on their blog (found here), post about the challenge, Facebook it, or Tweet it!  So if you participate in any of these you will get exclusive freebies for each one you do.  Comment leaving the link to your blog, post, Facebook, ect. and your email.  We will email you your freebie!  Sound good?  So get going!  :)

12 Days of Christmas
What do you think of me doing 12 Days of Christmas.  I will give you Christmas/Winter freebies everyday for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Sound cool?  Comment and give me feedback!

Top Tip Tuesday
Louise has done a great job giving us her top tips.  You can check out the posts here!  Do you have a tip you would like to share?  Email me and we will discuss it!  I hope you are enjoying this new feature?  Comment and give me some feedback!  Do you love it, like it, or think it is pointless?  My blog is meant for you guys so I want your feedback!

Thanks everyone!  I love blog designing for you guys!  It is really fun. 


6 Comment(s):

Kiki said...

Good luck on getting the followers! I already follow :)

Also, the 12 days of Christmas sounds like a really awesome idea!

Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks Kiki!

Adori Graphics said...

I've loved helping you out and must remember to send my readers over here to read the second top tip post. I have a big freebie going on today and don't want to bury that post just yet so I'll aim for tomorrow :)

I forgot to add...unless you have a lot of time or freebies already prepared 12 days of Christmas will be a lot of work. I did 25 days of Christmas last year and it took me until MAY to get the freebies finished LOL

Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks Louise! I am debating whether to do it.

Krizia said...

I just followed you Taylor. Your blog is full of tips... I also love Louise's Adori Graphics blog.

Lovin' the idea of the 12 days of Christmas...

Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks Krizia! I hope you enjoy BYUTATORTOT Designs!

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