Ordering a Custom Design Step 1

Are you thinking of ordering a custom design?  Here is a little information you may need to know. 

  1. The Price... I offer free Custom Designs.  Yes, that's right FREE.  There is no charge but if you require an image of some sort that costs money I WILL have you pay a small price. 
  2. How long will it take... most times about two weeks.  If you need it by a certain date there is no problem in getting it done by then.  I will make sure your design is done by the date.  You will be a part of this timing too.  It helps when you email back quickly.  If it takes you a while to respond answering any questions I have for your design, etc. then it will take time for your design to be finished.
  3. How will you install it... I have tried many times to be a member and I will install it for you but that doesn't seem to work.  It won't let me customize the code.  So, lately I have just been emailing the information to the customers for them to add it themselves.  If you have another way that you would prefer that can be done!
  4. What do I get in a custom design... What you get is what you order.  Here is a list of options you can have: Background, header, post divider, post image, sidebar divider, sidebar image, navigation bar, signature, grab button, and anything else you would like (as long as I know how to do it)
  5. The design... You can ask for a blogger template where in one code it will have your background, post divider, post image, sidebar divider, and sidebar image.  This makes it easier to apply and adding the other things will be done mainly by gadgets. 
  6. Why should I choose you... Because I'm free first off.  Many custom designs are from $10 to over $100.  I want you to have a quality design with out having to pay.  When I first started I wanted to have a goal to keep my blog as free as possible.  Maybe in the future if you want a lot for your design I will go up to $5 but my prices (I promise) are always going to be cheap!  I also give you the highest quality I offer.  Although my prices are cheap that doesn't mean your design will be cheap and crappy.
  7. How do I order... start by finding out what you want.  Click here to find information on tips to help get your design going and then click here to order!
So there you go.  I would love to make a custom design for you!

Click here to go to Step 2 in Ordering a Custom Design

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