FAQ Friday: How do I have a "Read More" on my post?

This is a new thing I have found.  I was way excited to do this.  It doesn't work well on a design blog but this is what you will be creating.... (click the "read more")

Cool Eh?  So here is how you do it. 

Log into blogger and go to your dashboard.  Click Design.  You will need to edit your "Blog Posts" gadget.

This screen will pop up. 

Edit the part that say "Post page link text".  For this I will have "Read More".


To Apply to Post

Type the part of your post before you want it to say "Read More", ect. 

Click this icon:   

This Break will show up:
Continue your post after that break and publish! 

Here is another way to put it in your post...

Instead of clicking the icon put in this HTML Coding where you want the "Read More"
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