Very first Blogger Theme For you!

I have finally made my very first blogger theme!  It is a simple one which includes:
  1. Header
  2. Background
  3. Post Title Image
  4. Post Divider
This one is called Yummy Cupcake!  Here is a preview:

Instructions to apply to blog and a live preview is found here

I hope you enjoyed my very first blogger theme!  If you would like a Free Custom one click here

So what do you think!  Leave a comment and tell me!  In the next 2 weeks (or so) you should have a 2 column/ 3 column theme in addition with a signature, sidebar labels, navbar option, and more!

Sorry Everyone who tried to get to the blog theme.  Links weren't working but they should now!  Sorry for the inconvenience!

3 Comment(s):

Kenzie said...

You links arn't working...

Auntie Abby said...

Super cute! Congrats and keep it up! :)

Kaylee H. said...

Cute, I really like it! But your links aren't working...

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