FAQ Friday: How can I have those squared around some words in my post?

This week's FAQ Friday is, "How can I have those squared around some words in my post?"

Blog quotes are those frames around some of your text.  For example on some of my posts I have a pink border around certain text that I have chosen.  This is a very simple task but first you need to change a part in your HTML code.

First make sure you have your whole code just incase something gets lost.  So back it up!
Next find a code that should look something like this:

blockquote {

margin:1em 20px;
(Press CTRL+F and search "blockquote")

And replace it with this:

blockquote {

margin:1em 20px;
border: 1px solid #000000;
padding: 5px;

Preview and Save (you shouldn't see any changes yet to your blog.  If so check to make sure you did everything right)

Above where you see the code you also see some text highlighted in yellow, red, and pink.  These codes are a way you can change your block quotes to your own.  Where it is yellow this is where it tells how thick your line will be.  Change the 1 to any size you would like.  The most common ones are 1, 3, and 8.  The red shows what type of line you want.  Solid is just a regular line.  You can also choose dashed where it is a dashed line and dotted where it is dotted.  Change that for whatever you can choose.  The pink resembles the color you want your line to be.  You can find more colors with their Hex code here!  This is a great site to find the color you want! 

Now this is where sometimes people can get confused or can get it right away!  To put it around your text copy this:
<blockquote>YOUR WORDS HERE</blockquote>
and paste it into your post.  Where it says, "YOUR WORDS HERE" place whatever you would like it to say!

Publish your post! If it didn't work here are a few options to your problem:
  1. You didn't save your HTML code!  MAKE SURE YOU SAVE!
  2. Often times people for the "#" in the Hex code.  So make sure you have "#" before your hex number
  3. Sometimes people forget the "/" before the second "block quote".  That one slash is a very vital part to telling the computer to close the quote!
Need more help? Email me at byutatortot@gmail.com. Want to look at the other FAQ's? Click Here! Do you have a question you want me to answer? Click Here!


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