Top Tip Tuesday Posters

Have you all been enjoying the Top Tip Tuesday feature?  We are coming on to our seventh week.  Louise has done a great job in giving us her top tips, but we are going to need more tips.  Here is a break down of what you can do. 

Top Tip Tuesday Posters...
... email me your ideas for Top Tip Tuesday {we don't want to repeat tips}
... we will discuss an open week for you to post{s}
... write the post{s} in any way, shape, or form {you can include pictures, examples, or share a story...whatever you want}
... at the end of your article{s} write an "About Me" paragraph {this can include your blogs, what you enjoy doing, etc.}
... edit your article{s}
... email me your article the Sunday before your article is supposed to be there {I will give you the date}
... I will make sure there is nothing inappropriate in there {we want our blog to be "family friendly"}
... Your post will appear on the appropriate date

Why write an article for Top Tip Tuesday...
... you can show off your Top Tip{s}
... you can receive more traffic to your blog
... it is a great learning experience if you haven't written any "guest posts" before
... it is an overall fun experience!

I hope this explains a little more of what is expected.  Keep in mind you can have one tip or as many as you have.  Email me your idea{s} and we will put together something.  I will put together a list of dates that are need in a two month time frame.  Hopefully we can keep Top Tip Tuesday here!  I enjoy reading your tips and I will put some tips on their too!


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Adori Graphics said...

Just to let you know Taylor, I have advertised your feature on my blog and asked people if they have any tips they can offer. Hope you get some offers. Lx

Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks for helping Louise! I appreciate it!

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