Blog Template: Christmas Gifts

Here is another layout to get your blog ready for the holidays! I can do any customizations so please email me at byutatortot{at}gmail{dot}com. Enjoy!


Post Divider

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Instructions to apply template!

1.Click on the link for the code

2.Copy and Paste code

3.Log into blogger and click "Design"

4.Click "Edit HTML"

5.Back up your original template just in case! {I highly recommend this. If my template does not work on your blog I can not take responsiblity to any design damage}

6.Delete all of that code and paste the new code!

7.Preview and Save!

3 Comment(s):

Adori Graphics said...

LOve the post divider. Beautiful work!

Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks Louise!

Fatima said...

Nice post, I like sea green template.

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