New Changes to Come

There are going to be changes around here for a little bit.  Not only throughout the months but changes are coming for 2011. 
This week...
Freebies and November Desktop.  I will also have my Fall design up on the first of November.  I can't wait to show you guys! 
Freebies, of course, will keep on coming through the days.  You guys have to realize though, that I do have another life other than blogging.  As much as I love blogging well, priorities have to come first.  Over the weekends will be when I have time so I will try to schedule posts so there are freebies coming throughout the week.  Some weeks I can not promise this...
Next Year...
Can you guys believe it is almost 2011?  I have so many plans I want to do, time just goes by too quickly for me to do some.  I will continue with freebies.  FAQ Friday will continue and I will release a new weekly thing.  I am going to try to do monthly desktops customizable and one with calendar.  My blog will be "cleaner" and I will do a little house keeping so my blog is easier to navigate.  Overall BYUTATORTOT is going to be awesome, if I may say so myself.  lol  Also, followers will get exclusive freebies.  When you follow I will ask for your email and send you freebies.  Not only will you get freebies but tips, and insider's.  So get following so 2011 you get the "exclusives"! 

If you would prefer specific things like more blog templates than backgrounds and such please comment.  I want to make my blog designs for you guys and how you want them... to some extent.  My email is byutatortot@gmail.com if you would like to give me suggestions.  I am always open to those! 

At this time I am working on Fall/Thanksgiving Freebies.  Are you going more towards the winter now?  Please leave and comment and tell me!  I am not sure where to go towards this! 

Thanks guys!  I love you all and so excited for more things!  It is going to be an exciting year! 

You guys have a challenge.  When I get 50 followers you guys will get 25 freebies! You guys need to tell your friends by blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc. to come to BYUTATORTOT Designs! The quicker you get the followers the quicker the freebies will come! It is a lot easier to make freebies when I know there are people looking at them! So ready, get set, and FOLLOW!!  Currently I have 32 followers!  Over half way there! 

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