FAQ Friday: How do I apply BYUTATORTOT's Headers on my blog?

This week someone wanted to know how to apply headers.  Just some quick steps will show you! 

  1. Find the header you want.
  2. Right click and save picture as... (PNG is going to be the best format, in my opinion, for you to use)
  3. Log into blogger
  4. Click Design
  5. Find your header "element" and click edit
  6. Click browse and find the image you want to use as your header.
  7. If you choose click "Instead of Title or Description" (This option will put your header on but now have your original title and description).
  8. Click Save

Sill didn't work? Please email me at byutatortot@gmail.com for any more questions!IF you have a question you want me to answer click here!

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