Just a little something to say...

-First off I haven't gotten any new entrees for the contest.  The contest closes April 31st.  To learn more click here!

-Recently I have started my very first blogger theme for you guys.  The best part is it will be free.  Roughly this will include:
  1. Blogger Template
  2. Blogger Header
  3. Signature
  4. Sidebar Labels
  5. Navbar (if you want)
  6. 3C or 2C (your choice)
  7. Post Divider
  8. Post Image
Blogger themes are what some people call templates.  Since I already have my templates I will call these themes.  They are somewhat like "Minima".  In the theme it will have your background, post divider, header, post image, and more depending on what I will offer in it.  All of these will be in one huge code you just have to enter ONCE!  Ya, that's right once!  I will offer you a pretty good deal too.  I have seen the prices from $5-$50 on these.  But here's the catch... I offer them for free!  Can you believe it?  So coming soon will be my very first offered blogger theme to you! 

-A blogger theme can also be custom.  Do you want one?  Click here!

-We've got some followers now!  twenty three.  And on facebook we have 50 fans!  I can't believe how far this has come!  I can't thank you guys enough for helping me!  I'm sure we can get more though... let's do it! 

-FAQ Friday is coming along.  At this rate I have nothing to answer this Friday so if you have a questiont that you would like to be answered click here!

Thanks for all of your support!  

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