We Made It!

I am sorry I have been M.I.A. lately, but I have been expanding my blog design knowledge with coding, etc.  My dad has also been teaching me on working with website code.  {In the future might expand to websites, but won't neglect blogging :)} 

In the mean time we have made it to 50 followers!  Thanks for everyone who has followed!  I am in the process of making the 25 freebies, but life has been crazy.  So stay tuned for 25 freebies! 

p.s. this doesn't mean we can't keep getting followers! 

3 Comment(s):

Adori Graphics said...

Congrats on reaching your target!

I know what you mean about having to be MIA when you're learning new stuff. It;s just not possible to learn new stuff while you're creating new stuff. Each time I close my waiting list I take the opportunity to learn something new.

Kinga said...

Congrats again on the followers! I also noticed your menu bar... it's awesome!


Taylor {BYUTATORTOT} said...

Thanks Louise! I totally agree! Go one way or another!

Kinga, thanks! Welcome as a new follower! {you were my 50 follower, I believe} I am glad you are enjoying my designs!

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