Top Tip Tuesday 9

How's your blog coming?  I hope it is going good!  This is the 9th feature!  Thanks Louise... you have done a lot!  Here is the next Top Tip:
Take a rest occasionally: 6 top tips for avoiding blogger burnout

1. Set specific days/times when you intend to do any blogging related activities

If your blogging involves more than just writing a blog post, a schedule is a great idea. Always remember to build some flexibility into your schedule though as I can almost guarantee that something will crop up when you least expect it. I have published my schedule on my blog, so that readers can see when progress is likely to occur with designs etc. In my case, the schedule needed to include writing posts, making freebies, working on customer projects etc, but it gives you an idea of the level of detail that you might like to include.

I found that by allocating specific days and times for “work” time, I get more benefit from time off. I think it has a lot to do with allowing myself to become entirely "detached" from my work. Before I set these boundaries, I felt guilty for having any time off at all, but now it’s “officially” my time off, I have stopped feeling guilty. The added bonus is that, because I’m less tired, I’m more productive when I do work.

2. Allow yourself to take a break once in a while

It’s one thing taking a break occasionally, but it’s another thing entirely allowing yourself to take a break. I think this is easier if you have a schedule, because then it is “officially” your break, or non-work time. If a schedule seems a bit too rigid for you, then set small tasks such as “once I’ve written a couple of paragraphs on this post, I’m going to take a 10 minute break”.

3. Make some family time

This applies to everyone, not just mothers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a daughter, wife, brother; somebody loves you and needs you and wants to spend time with you! Don’t forget that there is a life outside of your blog. In my own life, I make sure we do something fun together at least once a month - such as a trip out or a meal. Being away from the house means that I’m not distracted by my blog/graphics and hubby gets me all to himself. I also make sure we do something together each day, whether it’s just watching a TV program together or talking about random stuff.

4. Baby steps

Some blogging tasks can seem a bit overwhelming, so break them down into smaller, bite-sized chunks.
Recently, it took me hours (and hours!) to go through all my freebies and re-categorise them. Take a look, it’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for now, but would have done this if I’d had to do it in one go? No way! I broke the task down into 2 hour slots and took it from there. You can do this with your blogging tasks to. For example, write one post and then take a break before starting the next one.

5. Keep a notebook with you

If you find yourself always thinking and pre-occupied over your blog, keep a notebook with you so that you can write down any ideas that come into your head. This allows you to instantly forget about the idea and carry on with your day. Freedom from thinking about your blog shouldn’t be under-estimated!

6. Get help

We’re all human and sometimes it all gets a bit too much. Have a friend or family member who you can call on when needed. It’s a small request to ask somebody to research something on your behalf, but it goes a long way towards helping you meet your blogging goals. You may also like to find people who can write a post for you occasionally, or help you with some admin tasks. You might like to consider getting a blogging buddy who can help you out with this, but don’t forget to reciprocate!

It’s good to have an action plan for if you’re still feeling exhausted despite making efforts to maintain a good work-life balance. My blog is my “work” and I make income through it so the stakes are higher, but even I turn work away sometimes. It isn’t good business sense, but it just has to be this way sometimes.

What do you do to avoid blogger burnout?

I hope you found this feature useful, if you have any questions or comments, then leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer it :)

About Louise: I am 35 years old, married and live in the UK. I am a blog designer with over 20 years experience producing digital graphics and over 10 years writing on blogs. My main blog is my blog design blog, Adori Graphics, where I sell custom blog makeovers and premade blog templates as well as posting tutorials and blog freebies. I consider myself an "ethical blogger" and believe that everyone should give something back to the blogging community, which is why I write guest blogger articles, offer sponsorships to blogger conferences, sponsor giveaways and run a free blog makeover program called Write From The Heart.

Do you have a tip you find helpful?  Email me and we will get you in!


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I got to see the blog background you made with my city slickers kit. Its so fun, I'll have to add it to my next "What you've been up to" post.

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