I hate to say this...

but those backgrounds that are too small will take time.  I have to completely restart... crap!  So here's the deal... if you want a certain background I will create the right size for you!  Great?  It would just take too much time to redo the backgrounds.  Make sure you check the background first because some of them should work.  The only ones that won't work are the ones I made on powerpoint.  On the laptop that is the program I use {Microsoft Office Powerpoint} but I have found the resolution is gone.  If anyone knows how to fix that on Powerpoint that would be great!  Please Email me.  So the point is there are some backgrounds that don't work so if you would like that particular background email me the name and on top of that you can choose a little extra to go with that i.e. header, post divider, etc. 

Thanks and I am sorry for the inconvenience.  Hopefully this won't happen again!


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Adori Graphics said...

Powerpoint? That's novel!

If they're not all that much smaller than needed you could resize them in Photobucket - the quality won't be quite as good but it might be good enough.


Yea, I'm hoping I can figure it out. Photobucket only allows it to get larger so much. I do use the program Corel Paint Shop, just have to wait for the slow load. lol Thanks!

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