FAQ Friday: How do you apply your blog templates?

I'm sorry this has come on a Saturday.  Yesterday I was busy working on a new Halloween blog template (coming later on today) and lost time.  I was not able to write the FAQ Friday.  So today's FAQ Friday is... "How do you apply your blog templates?"

Here is just some quick easy steps to follow!

  1. There will be given links for the 2 Column and sometimes 3 Column code.  Click there!
  2. In a new web page or tab log into Blogger  
  3. Click on "Layout"
  4. Click "Edit HTML"
  5. Erase of all that code and put the new code that you have copied before.
  6. Click Save!
  7. You are done!

 Why isn't mine working?

Make sure at the bottom of the code that you copied that you didn't also copy this, "Edit this page (if you have permission) Google Docs -- Web word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. "

  (Do not copy below that line)

Sill didn't work? Please email me at byutatortot@gmail.com for any more questions!IF you have a question you want me to answer click here!


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