FAQ Friday: What are blogger themes?

I get asked quite a bit "What are your blogger themes?"  Often times other blogs call these Blogger Templates but since I have my templates I'm going to call mine blogger themes.
Themes are like Minima and all of those you are offered from blogger.  With mine you take the whole code and paste it in into your HTML.  In my blogger themes they can very what you get from them.  You can have a header to a widget sidebar label.  It just depends what I decide to do with the theme. 
Sometimes for custom designs I give customers the option to receive a blogger theme.  This just makes it easier in some ways to add to your blog. 
In the code I give you to put in your HTML for your blog it includes the background, header, sidebar divider, sidebar image, post image, post divider, and navbar.  But if you want sidebar widget labels, signature, grab button, ect. those are different codes and images to add later on.  Why can't they be in the one big HTML code?  I am still trying to figure that out to get it to work to make life easy!


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