Adorible Photography Photo Challenge: Water

The Big Photo Challenge
So I did this challenge before and haven't been able to do the challenges since but I am doing this weeks.  The theme for this week is Water.  When my family and I were playing in the front yard Quincy decided to play in the gutter.  Ewww I know but he is 4... There was some water in the gutter and I took a picture.  I used Picnik to edit it.  This is what it came out to be...

I love feedback!  Please tell me what you think!

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Kaylee H. said...

I love your picture, Taylor! I love the glare of the sun behind his head and on the water, so cool!

Have you checked out my blog lately? I awarded you with a blog award, you should check it out... just sayin! ;) haha

Jennifer said...

I love the effect you achieved!

Adori Graphics said...

Oooooh I really like it, I love how it's kind of dark and mysterious...a bit like little kids LOL.

Butterflygirlms said...

I love this shot, it's fantastic ;)

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