Somewhat of a new look!

I have just done a little more for my blog.  As you can I see I have a new signature, post image, sidebar divider, post divider, and more "blogs".  The new blogs you may see are... "Featured Blog" where you can sign up to be what's called a "Guest Post"  and I will feature your blog on my blog!  Sound good?  Also, "Custom Design" where you can apply for a custom design.  And last but not least, "Need Help?"  If you have any problems with blogging or anything I offer please feel free to fill out the application and I will email you back with your answer!

I also just recently figured out how to do my own blogger theme.  As I have now used on my blog!  I will be able to give you a code and in 2-3 quick steps you will have a background, header, post divider, sidebar divider, and more!  Can you believe it?  I will soon have that offered to you.  I can't decide how much they will be since they do take a little be of extra time!  

Tell me... do you want another collection.  My last collection "Express Yourself" found here , took me quite some time.  If no one really used them I would like to make that a custom thing.  Please go here and tell me what you think about me doing more collections!  

I love emails!  Please tell me how I am doing, etc. at byutatortot@gmail.com!


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Kenzie said...

HEY the blog looks great!! Good job... :)


Thank you!

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