Let's start with the newsletter!  As of this rate I only need 4 more followers before I will start a free newsletter!  If you want one please become a follower and tell your friends about me!

Next, the new poll!  I have asked you if you guys would like me starting with blogger themes.  I am finishing up my first one to see if you guys would like it!  Please vote!  If you don't know what a blogger theme is, well here is my "explanation".  You may be familiar with "Minima" a very popular blogger "theme" or "layout".  My themes will be similar to them.  But they will include; a header, post divider, post image, sidebar image, background, sidebar divider, and more.  You can have this instantly with just one upload of a code!  Amazing, huh?  This is what I have done just recently with my blog!  It is so much easier to work with!  So please vote and leave comments and tell me what you think!

Also, my facebook fan page!  I have 43 fans!  To me... that's a lot!  But we can get more!  Go here or click on the facebook fan page button up, below my header!

I also want to say thank you to all those people out there who read my blog!  I'm glad I am getting quite a few people who enjoy reading and using my designs!  Thanks

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