Competition for Blinkies!

For a cute summer blinkie I will be having a competition. Leave a comment with your name and a cute summer saying. The top three summer sayings will be used in a blinkie!
1- Only one saying per person
2- No more then 5 word saying
3- Must have to do with summer
4- No sayings can be repeated

Contest Entry ends May 22nd, 2009!

Hurry up and enter!

3 Comment(s):

jaydawg said...

ok im gunna enter the contest tatortot. let me think of a good header for summer. its kinda hard... hold on... BeAcH GiRl does that work? its more than 5 words but i think it could work right? just post on my blog if u think it works... or jsut email me

Makenzie said...

How about "Having Fun in the Sun"?

Brianna! said...

I didn't even get a chance!!!

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